Fundamentals of hemostasis and coagulation & Laboratory Diagnostics
Dr. Jonathan Douxflis, Belgium
Dr. Rolf Urbanus, The Netherlands
Prof. dr. Francois Mullier, Belgium

Clinical Pharmacology of antithrombotic agents & Bleeding Complications
Prof. dr. Bianca Rocca, Italy
Prof. dr. Jur Ten Berg, The Netherlands
Prof. dr. Thomas Lecompte, Switserland

Epidemiology and Pathophysiology of atherosclerosis; - thrombosis
Dr. Henri Spronk, The Netherlands Bruna Gigante, Sweden
Prof. dr. Gemma Vilahur, Spain

Management of ATE and complications
Prof. dr. Steen Dalby Kristensen, Denmark
Prof. dr. Raffaele De Caterina, Italy
Prof dr. Hugo ten Cate, The Netherlands
Dr. Marcello Di Nisio, Italy
Prof. dr. Renate Schnabel, Germany

Management of VTE and complications
Prof. dr. Ulrich Sachs, Germany
Prof. dr. Harry Buller, The Netherlands
Prof. dr. Rupert Bauersachs, Germany
Prof. dr. Florian Langer, Germany
Dr. Arina Ten Cate-Hoek, The Netherlands
Dr. Nick van Es, The Netherlands

VTE & ATE in specific conditions
Dr. Cihan Ay, Austria
Dr. Erik Klok, The Netherlands
Dr. Stephane Zuily, France
Dr. Heleen van Ommen, The Netherlands
Dr. Nicola Curry, United Kingdom