Prof. dr. Thomas Lecompte

Geneve, Switserland


Former position (Nov 2011- sept 2021) Switzerland: MD at University Hospitals Geneva; Full Professor Faculty of Medicine - Geneva University (Haematology – Haemostasis – Transfusion)
Current position (Oct 2021 - ) France: MD at University Hospital of Nancy,
Professor Faculty of Medicine - University of Lorraine

DIPLOMAS & TRAININGS: Periods: maturity: 1973; pre-graduated: 1973-1979: medical studies; 1986: Medicine Doctorate, University Paris VII; post-graduated: 1979-1986: Resident physician at Paris Academic Hospitals (AP-HP); 1981: Biochemistry Ms Sc (University Paris VII); 1993: ability to lead researches

Since the beginning of my scientific carrier I have been interested in haemostasis and more specifically in blood platelets.
My first paper in basic research was on phospholipid metabolism in platelets (published as a Letter in Nature). I have been since then interested in inherited platelet disorders.
Besides I have conducted translational and clinical research on antiphospholipid antibodies and on acquired haemostatic disturbances in complex settings associated with a thrombotic risk (CoViD-19; post-vaccine thrombosis and thrombocytopenia; haematological malignancies such as multiple myeloma; liver cirrhosis); on circulating extracellular vesicles; on the laboratory phenotyping of primary haemostasis under flow conditions and of the blood coagulation system by means of the study of the thrombin potential and dynamics (aka ‘calibrated thrombography’); on the pharmacology of haemostasis (with special interest in laboratory testing for patients receiving antiplatelet agents and anticoagulants); on transfusion products with haemostatic properties; and on heparin-induced thrombocytopenia.